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Live at Latitude | Year of the Pig!

Now that January is over, it is time to celebrate the Chinese New Year which is the Year of the Pig!! Below are some facts and traditions about the Chinese New Year!

Food is very important during the week-long celebration. Each dish is created to give blessings for the next year. Both the names and looks are symbols of wishes for prosperity, happiness, and auspiciousness.

The most important meal of the year is the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner. No matter where they live, all family members must return to their hometown. If they truly can’t, the rest of the family will leave their spot empty and place a spare set of utensils for them.

During the Spring Festival there are several taboos you do not perform during the week-long celebration. You do not say negative words, doing so may jinx yourself or bring those misfortunes onto you and your loved ones. You avoid fighting and crying, this is to ensure a smooth path in the new year.

Wardrobe for the New Year should be brand new clothing. This is a sign of a fresh start, and the clothes could be given as gifts. The best color to wear is always red, stay away from black and white as they are unlucky and negative.

No matter how you celebrate, Latitude wishes everybody a great New Year and a great Year of the Pig!