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Live at Latitude | Finals Are Around The Corner!

The school semester is almost over, and finals are only one month away! Below are some tips and strategies to help you ace those exams.


1) Create your own study guide. While getting a study guide from your teacher is amazing, creating your own can help you understand the material better.

2) Attend the review session. Review sessions can offer vital information and a great time to ask questions and clarify what will be on the exam.

3) Start early. Starting early to review, study, and organizing a group study session can always help versus harm you. That way you won't be cramming the night before an exam.

4) Create a study schedule - and follow it. Splitting the material into chunks you can actually achieve can be very beneficial. That way, you stay on track without causing your brain to get overwhelmed.

5) Quiz yourself. Have a friend or classmate make a fake quiz, that way you will likely become more familiar with what you need to study. And in the meantime, familiarize yourself with the type of language that will be on the exam.

6) Make it fun. When studying by yourself, create rewarding techniques for when you understand a concept or got a certain grade on a practice quiz. That way you understand the concepts while having the feeling of accomplishment.


Whether you are studying for an engineering exam or a science exam, the above tips and strategies can make your exam preparation easy and fun. Who knows, you might get an A on your exam with just a little bit of hard work in the beginning